Where Is Your Lighthouse?


It may seem strange to you that I would start out discussing health and not go straight for a topic like blood pressure, vegetarian diets or exercise. But, I start here because frankly, if you don’t know where you are going in life and what you really want to create, why bother with good health.

When Abraham Maslow first defined his hierarchy of Human Needs, he listed Self Actualisation at the top of the list. Now, how do you define self-actualisation?

 Various definitions include ‘to achieve one’s full potential’, ‘to share one’s greatest gifts with their society’ or ‘to reach a state of enlightenment through using one’s best talents to serve for the greater good.’

Researchers have shown that people who find their purpose and who pursue it, tend to be happier, healthier and live longer. So, what is your purpose for this life time?

What are you here for at this time, on this planet? It is a fair question. I get the sense we did not come here to see if we could accumulate more stuff than everyone else.

What is your inspiration for this lifetime? What is that spark, deep within your heart, that drives you forward, or that drags you backwards because you ignore it day after day?

I cannot even begin to accept the viewpoint that we just came here to simply enjoy ourselves. Nor can I entertain the viewpoint that we came here to struggle, or perhaps obey the will of some invisible deity that someone told us is real.

How do you place value on a life if you have no idea what its purpose is? How do you create any sort of life code if you have no real reason for living that life? Why have a rudder if you don’t know the destination? Why even bother with a compass?

 Personally, I believe we all came here to create in our own unique way. Certainly, following all the incredible work I have done in my own consciousness and the work I do supporting others, using The Avatar© tools, I have decided to take that belief to a knowing. You may not hold that degree of conviction, and that is ok too.

Recently I watched an incredible new Wellness Documentary Movie called “The cure is…!” the movie explores ill health and disease and interviews some great healers and teachers, among them Bruce Lipton and Dr. Bernie Siegel. The first point that jumped out was a clear statement that went something like this, “Disease is not genetic. It starts with your thoughts and your beliefs. Something has to turn the genes on.”

Lipton and Siegel and no light weights. In fact, they have been noted among the most respected in their fields for many years, Lipton as a Professor in Anatomy and Biology and Siegel as a Medical Physician. They are both best-selling authors and sought after speakers. And both have been pushing the frontiers of medical understanding for decades.

This throws responsibility for my health completely in my own lap. I reckon that is where it has been for a long time anyway so I was good with that. But, the next thing they said was incredible. The greatest defence against ill health is a powerful sense of purpose, and finding purpose is probably the most powerful cure for disease.

A good friend of mine works with a palliative care nurse who has, for over 20 years, been talking to dying patients and asking them their greatest life regret. At the top of the list was, “I wished I had done what I loved in my life instead of just getting a job and making a living!”

So, if you are up for it, let’s go exploring. See, a sense of purpose is so powerful that it can be soul shaking. It brings you to life. It makes you bounce out of bed in the morning and causes you to lose interest in meaningless pursuits.

I always thought mine was to inspire people to take better care of their health and Wellbeing. I knew if they did that the world would be better. But I was prompted to explore it a little further not long ago by a colleague and to find a deeper level of inspiration. I was walking down a street in Sydney and went into my hotel.

I had been contemplating my life inspiration. It was bubbling away in the background. As I walked in I saw a Korean man with his two young kids. He was leaning over tending to them in a loving way. All of a sudden I was overcome by a flood of emotion and shed a tear as I tipped into the lift.

I realized, my deepest passion was to make life better on the planet for kids so that they could evolve and grow naturally, under the steam of their own adventurous spirit and curiosity without being forced into a dogmatic belief system, safe from abuse, and able to evolve in the presence of peace and love.

Immediately my entire life made sense. All of my childhood experiences and everything since had been preparing me for this realization. The relief in finding it was deeply profound.

So, what is yours?

What is that thing that they will talk about, that you did, at your funeral? What are they going to say?

Imagine you are out fishing off the beach in a small dinghy on a Saturday afternoon. It is a nice day. You have been very busy and you are enjoying the peace and quiet, the meditative activity that is fishing. As the day rolls on, you don’t notice the rise in the wind or the increasing roll of the sea till you look over your shoulder to see a huge storm coming in from the South East. You are about 3km from the shore as the wind is whipping up. The sun is getting low in the sky and the waves are starting to roll. You panic a little as you hurriedly pack up your gear. In rushed attempts to start your outboard, you flood the engine and it will not start. The waves are really rolling now, the wind is beginning to howl and it is getting dark. You are in strife.

Then it gets worse. A wave swamps your boat and it sinks, leaving you treading water in the harsh, swirling and chopping ocean. You realize you are in a highly precarious position as you struggle to avoid the breaking white caps and keep your head above water. You realize that it will be dark for the next 10 hours and wonder if you will be able to remain afloat for that long.

Does life ever feel like this to you?

Then, in the distance, you see a lighthouse fire up its lamp for passing ships. You can see it, and you know it means land. You know, that if you keep your eye on it and start moving toward it, you will have a chance to survive, a chance to live.

See, when life gets rough, your inspiration is the thing that keeps you moving forward through the turbulence. It gives you something to aim at, to place your focus on, and the energy to keep moving.

Without it, your life can become a lot like a silver ball being pounded around in a pinball machine. Scoring points here and there, bouncing off stuff, being whacked about, always the possibility of going down the hole.

If you do not know what it is, or if you thought you knew but are now questioning it, that’s ok. I would say most people have no idea. See, our education system places little attention on it. Education is about developing a workforce, not about developing people.

But, why go into another year not knowing why you are here. That is absurd. No matter what is in the way, or what struggle you may have created for yourself, you will make your life better when you land your inspiration.

If you want a hand, drop me a note. Come and do some exploring. You never know what you might find.

John Toomey

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