John Toomey

I am a Queenslander who lives in Victoria. Born on a Cattle Station out near Roma, we moved around a bit first to a dairy farm, a country pub and finally, at the age of 10, we left the bush and my Dad took over a pub in the heart of Collingwood. I suppose after that change, nothing really shocks me, so I am a pretty relaxed customer. As a kid, I loved Football and Cricket and loved being fit. I had a crack at every sport. Underneath all of that was a deep sense of wonder. My religious education didn’t give me the answers so I developed a ‘yearning for learning’; to find out; to know. Whether it was the pub upbringing, or something in my genes, I developed a capacity to use words to help others to understand. With a passion for story-telling and a deep desire to explore, I went down many roads. Since completing my Phys. Ed. degree in 1981, I have served 7 AFL teams as either a conditioning coach and/or nutritionist, partially completed a Masters, I’ve written books, e-books, 100’s of articles, lectured in Universities, studied with people who live on the edge of discovery and have presented over 1800 seminars in the corporate arena. My quest for answers led me to The Avatar Course where I found completion in my search for understanding. I now teach the course in Australia, NZ and the US. I have been married twice, have a wonderful son and two incredible step daughters, and work closely with my amazing wife Denise as we seek to inspire people to reach for more rewarding and positively challenging lives.

I started at Marcellin in Year 10 after doing 3 years at St. Joseph’s Christian Brothers Tech in Abbotsford. I could not believe what a great school Marcellin was and immediately immersed myself in Cricket, Football, Track and Field and anything else that was going. It was my incredible good fortune and honor to be chosen 1st XIII Captain in 1977 and I went on to play for the Old Boys till the end of 1984. Today I still go back to the school a couple of times a year to talk with the Year 11 and 12 boys on Men’s Health and Mental Health, and get down to the Old Boys to see a game when I can.