IT Solutions and Services


IPP Consulting Pty Ltd

  • Jonas Sadauskas (OC69)
  • IPP Consulting is a small company that specialises in the provision of consulting services in IT strategy,project management etc.  Read more.


  • Tony Wright (OC1988)
  • Hazaa is a Melbourne based software development consultancy that specialises in developing business applications using the Microsoft suite of products.  Read More

CDE Computer Management

  • Patrick McArdle (current parent)
  • CDE help you with your computer strategies so that you are better equipped to plan for the future.   Read more here.


  • Gerard Mullins
  • Mullins Advisory Service provides strategic ICT services to it's clients, including ICT strategy, digital strategy, ERP sourcing and implementation, ICT risk management and strategy execution.  Read more here.

Eleven Hundred Consulting

  • Mark Cooper (OC '81)
  • Eleven Hundred is an Australian based company offering Professional services in IT applications for Capital Intensive Industries.  Read more here.