PM Eleven

Eleven Hundred Consulting - Mark Cooper (OC'81)

Docklands VIC 3008

m:  +61 (0) 402 228 160



PM Eleven is an Australian company with over 23 years of combined history. PM Eleven was formed following the merger of ZPMSolutions and Eleven Hundred Consulting.

The PM Eleven group deliver to our customers a unique suite of value-adding productivity solutions and business-focused IT advisory, SAP consulting services and SAP support services. We deliver trusted solutions and services with integrity and an emphasis on best business practice.

PM Eleven provides smarter ways to achieve optimised business processes. Our SAP solutions have innate functionality, visual graphics and simple processes, driven from our substantial global experience in maintenance, materials, finance, human resources, ABAP, security and integration processes and business practices. Our main goal is to offer our clients business improvement through higher levels of productivity, efficiency and ability to use data relevant and contextual to make better business decisions.

We have recognized experience in several industries worldwide.