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Good House Holiday Rentals is a boutique holiday rental agency with a personal touch – where honest and open relationships with clients are of the utmost importance.

It was a ‘sliding doors’ moment that led Founder and Director, Loretta Gallesio to start her business, Good House Holiday Rentals in 2017. She had used agents to manage her own property and found the lack of service disappointing. Loretta decided to take the plunge and launch into the holiday rental market, starting with her own property and allowing it to grow organically. Having parents in business as well as an entrepreneurial spirit along with the confidence that comes with age gave her the extra incentive she needed to forge ahead.

The investment in technology helps her keep up with current trends and assists her in keeping on top of things – a very important element to her continued success. But it is the service that is key and the most important aspect of business to Loretta. She does not believe in over-promising and under-delivering but rather providing good customer service by being responsive and meeting owners and guests expectations. Loretta says, “it is one thing to get a client, but far more important to maintain and keep them“.

With every small business there are challenges and for Loretta it is the competitive market that she works in. Loretta believes that making a point of difference is the answer to cutting through the noise. To her, it is simple: meeting both the property owners and guest expectations even if she has to make the hard call to let a client go. There is also the challenge of working alone and having the self-discipline to remain motivated and organised as well as not having any colleagues to bounce ideas off or make decisions with.

Loretta believes that as a woman, having an influence on the next generation of men is extremely important and sees her continued support and involvement with Marcellin a great way to influence this. She also really enjoys engaging and making connections within the Marcellin community and building relationships.

Loretta Gallesio Fun Facts

Favourite school subject: Geography (funny how it has come back to assist her in business)

Favourite Holiday Destination: Italy

TV Show you’d like to appear on: Seinfeld OR Cheers OR Friends

Ed Sheeran or Post Malone: Post Malone

Famous person you’d like to meet: Simone de Beauvoir

Football Team: Collingwood

Mercedes or Alpha Romeo: Alfa Romeo

Cats or Dogs: Dogs

Good House Holiday Rentals would like to offer the following discount to the Marcellin Community.

Book 3 nights - get 1 night free*

*Applies to weekend or weekday bookings. Not available at peak times (Dec-Feb and or long weekends). Subject to availability.

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