Business Network Status

After launching our Business Network with some very successful breakfasts in late 2013 and throughout 2014, some may feel that this group has been 'put on the back burner'.

To some extent this is true, as the Foundation Office has been very busy this year with some big projects which have taken a lot of our time.  We are pleased to report that one of the events organised was a Celebration of 65 years at Marcellin which was met with overwhelming success.  See a report, photos and video here.

We are also busy organising other new events such as an Inaugural Football Luncheon, a Marcellin Mum's Movie night, various reunions and lunches etc.

The Foundation Office has finally become an Incorporated Body and the first Board meeting was recently  held here in Rivat House, so we are now 'official'!


HOWEVER, it is now time to refocus our energies onto growing the Marcellin Business Network and ensuring that those who are involved with find it a worthwhile group to be involved in.

We have planned to make upcoming events more structured and useful to those in business. We will be giving participants more opportunities to network and 'spruik' their own businesses.