Mike Gregory Antarctica Swim

Mike Gregory - the real ice-berger!

Those of you who attended our first Business Breakfast in November last year were fascinated by Mike Gregory and his amazing feats of swimming.

We were all impressed by the various swim challenges he had successfully completed so we thought you may like to see a picture of his latest 'dip'!

Mike had travelled to the Antarctic Peninsula for a work trip, but when presented with a stretch of water (albeit at a freezing temperature) he thought he may as well swim it! I'm sure all of us feel like that when presented with an ocean full of ice and snow!

Here is the picture taken during my Antarctica trip and swim earlier this year. I didn't travel to the Antarctic Peninsula specifically to "get wet" but given an opportunity to do so; I wasn't simply going to jump in and out.

On this day, the water temp was 0℃ and atmospheric temp was 2℃. I was so much in the moment, that it wasn't until I watched a video much much later that I noticed that it was snowing as I entered the water!  This swim was completed in the coldest and "heaviest" water I've ever experienced and I'm grateful that our Russian vessel ("Polar Explorer") had an onboard sauna. 

A few weeks later I participated and successfully finished my second Rottnest Channel swim amongst swarms of stinging jellyfish and in water temperature closer to 22℃. Great book end swim experiences:)

Congratulations Mike!  You are an inspiration to all of us boring lap swimmers!