Marcellin Business Network Director - Mark Cooper


I am delighted to welcome you to the Marcellin College Business network. Whether you are a member of our existing coterie (here is our LinkedIn profile) or have just found us, I would like to extend a warm welcome and invite you to join.

A connection with Marcellin College is all you need to join us. If you would like a free business listing here in our site, please follow the prompts in the online registration form.  

Our goals are simple - using the extensive Marcellin Community we aim to foster personal and professional connections, create business opportunities and provide an intermediary role for people looking for work, mentoring and business support. We are proudly supportive of the Marcellin College Foundation and envisage this network will play an important role its development and sustainability. 


The Foundation (and the Business Network within it) will be the cornerstone of building the community connection between Old Collegians, their families, their friends and the College itself. The greatest satisfaction will be gained when the Foundation is strong enough to support those in real need (whether they be current students, old collegians or their families). To get it to that position of strength, the Business Network will be critical in linking together the extended networks of anyone in the business world. All the family members are welcome and the idea of sharing business knowledge, creating employment opportunities or just networking within a trusted group is going to be invaluable to the Business Network members. Whatever your connection to Marcellin, I encourage you to come along to the upcoming Business Network events (and of course to register on the Online Business Network).


Marcellin College Business Network

Mark Cooper / Director / +61 402 228 160

Marcellin College Business Network
21 Sandra Street, Bulleen VIC 3105

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